Airport Consulting


As specialized consultants, we study and analyze the technical feasibility of each airport project. Before we start the design process for each airport we conduct studies during the productive service life of the facilites, with the spirit of continuous improvement.

Operational Safety and Security Standards are a key factor in the airport industry. Due to the aircraft engineers’ experience, Airpro Group offers solutions for a wide range of needs according to the new international regulations for the aviation industry in the new ICAO Annex 19.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Airport Planning and air navigation.
  • Master Plans.
  • Airport operation studies and feasibility studies.
  • Emergency Plans.
  • Airport certification and all related activities.
    • Aerodrome Manual.
    • Legislation Complying.
    • Operational Safety Plans.
    • SMS Maintenance and execution.
    • Risk Management.
    • Technicians in charge of operational safety auditing.

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