Aeronautical Training

Due to our partnership, IT AEREA Business School Aeronautical Business School, AIRPRO offers training programs in aeronautical area. These trainings allow the students to obtain intermediate and management jobs of airports or companies related to the aeronautical area, handling, aircraft industry, airlines, etc.

IT AEREA is an aviation business school, with a long presence in Spain , more than 13 delegations in America and over 160 teachers. With an international approach responding IT AEREA, through its various training levels, the existing employment at airports, airlines, aviation industry and supplier. Their training programs, and especially the Master in Management of Aviation and Airport (MGDA) are aimed at providing companies in the airport and aviation sector of top professionals and specific quantification.

  • Master in Aeronautical and Airport.
  • Commercial airports.
  • AVSEC, SMS and Safety operations.
  • Airlines management.
  • Air Navigation Instruments.
  • Airport Management.
  • Air Laws and regulations.
  • Aviation industry.
  • Airport operations.
  • Environmental Management at airports.

We teach courses and Master which are available on-campus and for distance learning (e-learning) and are adaptable to the needs of our students.


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